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Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Pool party

When going to the swimming pool it appears there are invisible invitations sent out dictating the dress code. Nevertheless it seems that everybody has received the invitation because they all turn up dressed in fairly similar styles of clothing.

The male guests at this pool party - on the whole - wear long brightly coloured shorts that reach to their knee. Generally their chests are bare, (I was thinking that maybe there should be some kind of law akin to that in place in supermarkets that ban people from displaying certain percentages of their skin in the aisles) and they wear little or nothing else.

Some men are still wearing speedos and this should be discouraged when they are not in the best physical form or are not professional swimmers and it should especially be socially unacceptable when the men’s girth exceeds the width of the tiny trunks.

There are other options, I’m sure.

Everybody has their own personal tastes; that’s a fact, but there comes a point when nobody is comfortable looking (even accidentally) at some degrees of nudeness in the public swimming pool.

Of course, the exception to this rule is for all females of the species: from the earliest age they are the minimal amount of clothing to wear in the swimming pool and it is called a ‘swimming costume’. This costume is designed to depict the wearer as a certain type of character.

I am blessed with a child who has made her mind up that she will dress in a way that suits her character and not the one that society is imposing on her. With this in mind she rejected her swimming costume and begged me to buy her some swimming shorts and a top.

I was mindful that she may be ridiculed but at the same time I was proud of her resolve to be herself.

I bought the items and she went swimming, in comfort, in her regular persona, not masquerading as someone she obviously is not.

Morgan has started her own ‘parade in the water’ and I know she is glad to be rid of the uncomfortable high cut legged, low backed swimming costumes of her past.

Will I be brave enough to follow her lead or am I stuck in my costume for this pool party?

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Marj said...

I was wondering if how people dress in swimming pools is related to how they dress on the street. Is there a direct correlation?

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