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Thursday, 29 March 2012

Another milestone – 700

Well, I realised yesterday that I’ve reached another milestone. 700 blogs posted on Living Now. I never thought it would go this far but here it is. I’m enjoying the process of crafting my blogs and I appreciate that I have readers who also seem to enjoy reading my thoughts.

So, what shall I do to celebrate?

I thought of many options for the next blog entry. My favourite is to post another one of my short stories. The one I have in mind is called “Children in the Dark”. What do you think?  I could finish my entry about being part of a family, or the other one I have about pride and whether or not it is OK.

Then again I could post one of my favourite poems from someone like Maya Angelou or Joseph Brodsky.

The possibilities are endless.

I’ll see what I feel like and what the feedback is. It won’t be a balanced vote – I have the decider.

One thing I know for sure is that I’ll keep writing and sharing. It doesn’t feel like 700 posts at all, it feels like I’ve just started. Here’s to another few ... cheers!

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