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Thursday, 22 March 2012


Have you ever experienced a flood?  How was it for you?  A time of joy? Probably not. More likely to be a time of devastation?

I was considering the terrible situation that occurred in New Orleans following the arrival of Hurricane Katrina and the grief that has been a constant shadow since that time. People died. Homes and lives were altered forever. This was more than a flood, this was a storm, a hurricane.

While thinking about how the immense amount of water changed so many lives I also remembered hearing from friends in different parts of the world whose lives have been affected by floods in recent months. These situations never seemed to have any positive aspects. People in the middle of these events often report the sense of loss in the midst of the shock.

One thing I know from hearing about these terrible things is that floods force you to take action.

If you have prior warning you get a chance to consider what you want to save from the path of the impending destruction. If, however, you are caught unawares, and the floodwater is around your ears before you have a chance to register the change, all you can do is to salvage the things nearest to you, usually just your life.

After the flood water recedes there are long moments of reflection. Feelings of forgetting things and of losing something irreplaceable.

I was thinking that sometimes it is not just water that floods our lives and alters our worlds. There are other things as well. Like grief. Like love. Like work.

What is flooding your life right now? Can you take any action to help yourself? What action will you take?

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