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Sunday, 25 March 2012

No Reservation - Poetry by Marjorie H Morgan

No Reservation

In the beginning
there was the creation
followed all too soon
by the sin separation.
A rescue was planned
to provide reconciliation,
for this reason
the Saviour underwent a transformation.
The Creator, the Almighty
suffered the ultimate indignation,
He surrendered His throne
and His sanctification
to prove to the worlds –
with total justification –
that His love for me
is without condemnation.
He came from on high
and took a lowly station
His harsh life story
is now told in every nation.
Christ suffered much
to save my reprobation
His years of endurance
will be seen as vindication,
the blood that He spilled
will provide an explanation
to all who witnessed
His intense humiliation.
When I stand up
for my final examination
my life will be shown -
a total revelation,
as my head is hung
in ultimate desperation
Jesus will step forward
with triumphant jubilation
and standing before
the universal population
my Saviour will make
His loving declaration,
He will remind all
of His life’s donation
to return me to
my original destination
and provide me with
my longed for emancipation.
My body will undergo
a total regeneration
and He will be regarded
with awed admiration
when all onlookers see
there is no limitation
to the reach of
my God’s salvation
as He greets me
with a Father’s salutation
and welcomes me home
without reservation.

© Marjorie H Morgan 2012 

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