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Monday, 19 March 2012


How do you feel when someone asks you a question?

Defensive? Boastful? Shy? Reserved? Arrogant? Aggressive? Reluctant? Happy?

I think it depends on several factors. The first thing I have noticed is it depends on your relationship with them and what how you want to pass information to them or keep it from them.

Another thing I have discovered is that if the person in question does not usually ask you questions then there is a tendency to want to supply the answer to meet their enquiry. Well, that’s how it is for me anyway. You see, the other day I was asked a question and the reason I was suddenly keen to share my thoughts was a combination of the subject matter, the person asking it, and the location we were in at the time.

It was designed to encourage sharing because so much two way sharing had already taken place. I know that when you feel relaxed and trust someone you are more likely to share parts of yourself with them when they do venture that rare question.

The answer is ... yes, I want you to know more about me, because I see you really care. The question? Well, that’s anything you hear from the lips of someone who obviously loves you.

This always changes how you feel when someone asks you a question.  

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