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Thursday, 15 March 2012

Through the Looking Glass

From pools of water, to polished obsidian right down to the mirrors we use today, we have always been looking at our own reflection. Into that image we peer as we inspect what we feel we portray and discover what we are really like.

Writing is another means of reflecting what we see about us. Some of the writing that is produced can take you to a place you personally have never physically been to - it’s all about what we see in our imagination. Other words and images can return you to a distant memory on the wings of a smooth smile, or project you like time travellers into the future.

Whatever form of ‘looking’ at ourselves that we use involves a process of doubling ourselves. Mirrors double us. And what we see – that reflection – stays with us in our memories for a while.

If we forget what we have seen we always find another mirror and look again. We are always peering into the looking glass of life.

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