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Monday, 2 April 2012

Placing ourselves

Whatever we do is a way of ‘placing’ ourselves in our world. Our literal and physical placements are an important way to map our psychological selves. How we view ourselves, our place, in our world is a way of saying “This is where I am, and this is how I feel about it, right now.” Place gives us a deep and specific sense of connection to both physical and mental realities.

Creative people ‘place’ themselves in positions that elicit powerful and emotional feelings – this is why they are able to create ... beautiful music, prose, visual art, sculptures, and poems.

When we choose to be in specific places we are creating possibilities for wonderful memories. I was on a train a few days ago, and one leg of the journey was quiet and peaceful whilst the other was fully of noisy and disruptive football supporters. However, both journeys were still filled with joy because of the place that I was going to and then returning from – seeing my love. I believe the calm and joy that surrounded me was transmitted to those within the train carriage because when I asked for a small consideration – for the singing crowd not to use my seat back as a drum – it was accepted in good grace and complied with without escalating tension. When I changed trains to get a different connection I thanked the young men for their thoughtfulness and they responded with smiles, waves and wishes for me to enjoy the rest of my journey.
I will remember that train journey as a wonderful place even though the carriage was filled with chanting, drinking and occasional shouting, because I somehow managed to make a peaceful connection with the few people around me, and retain peace within myself.

I know that my mental place influenced how I interacted with my physical place. The same is often true in reverse.

It is currently the Easter holidays for schools in parts of the UK and over the next two weeks I plan to visit several places with Gabe to create more wonderful memories together. I’m sure each space and place will bring us untold adventures. You see, already today we have been to visit parts of an ancient castle and church here in Northampton and enjoyed those places together.

For more place connections in my world, watch this space ...

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