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Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Peace - Poetry by Marjorie H Morgan


I have found it.

It’s been a long journey
but I’ve eventually arrived.
Years of struggling through
the wild terrain of racism,
months of climbing over
the rough rocks of sexism,
weeks of swimming around
the world of separatism,
days of walking in
the dark caves of isolation,
hours of crying the tears
that overflow the pool of desperation.

It was autumn
and things were bleak
shadows covered my every faltering step.
I moved through the long, cold
dark winter of my life
in a dream of terror
hoping that any minute
I’d awaken.

The spring came with
a whisper of the promised
the rays of life peeked
from behind the clouds
of despair.

it was suddenly
a summer’s morning.
I was alive
I am free

I have found a place of peace
... inside of me.


© Marjorie H Morgan 2012 

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