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Monday, 11 June 2012

Sponsored life

Here in the UK we have a wonderful system of traffic control that utilises roundabouts. Some of these are filled with floral tributes that would grace the Chelsea Flower Show others, however, look like lumps of concrete left in the middle of the road.

As a driver of several years experience I am used to roundabouts of all varieties (especially hailing from Wiltshire where the roundabout system in Swindon is legendary – a virtual Magic Roundabout system). However, it was a relatively recently phenomenon that caught my attention whilst driving the other day.
I noticed a sign, strategically placed on one of the busiest roundabouts in town, suggesting that people may like to ‘sponsor a roundabout’. This made me laugh. As you’re probably aware by now I have a rather bizarre sense of humour.

I have heard of sponsoring people to run races and raise money for charity, sponsoring endangered animals, sponsoring remote villages, children and other seemingly worthwhile causes - but sponsoring a roundabout? C’mon! What would you sponsor a roundabout to do?  Become a roundabout? Hmmmmm.

It transpires that companies want to sponsor roundabouts to be advertising hoardings for them. In the same way that they can now sponsor a verge, or a grass verge, a flowerbed, a city centre or a car park. Yes, you can sponsor practically anything nowadays, and all for your own materialistic gain.

I wondered if it was worth considering sponsoring a life, your own life.

Sounding a bit radical now, aren’t I? (Think this is any more off the wall than sponsoring a raised lump of concrete on a road?)

The benefits are endless if you sponsor yourself. Instead of a local business or company reputation being enhanced you could be investing in yourself and reaping your own enduring floral benefits.

This can be your legacy of joy to those around you. I think it matters for your today and your tomorrow ... and mine. Back yourself, you’re worth it. I’m doing it today.

Just sign on the dotted line below and you’re good to go.

I, ................................................................................, hereby invest in myself and I will hereafter receive bundles of joy and happiness that I deserve.

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