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Saturday, 9 June 2012

Total inspection of self

Artists of all manifestations constantly put pieces of themselves on display for total inspection. Every time you read something you are having privileged access into the mind of the person who wrote those words. Our minds are our most secret and private places, this is where our thoughts reside until we display, write, or act them out in our everyday life.

With a book, the person who wrote it speaks directly to you, in your world at the time you want to hear them; it’s a very personal connection. The way each person understand a book is different, because their lives are always marginally different from everybody else.

The same is true of visual or audio arts. They come to each of us as a special medium. We receive the work in our own unique way and our mind uses its individual filtration system to complete the total inspection of the art, and then stores it in the vaults of the memory after it has been accepted by our imagination.

My imagination is different to yours. I’m as glad as you are about that fact.

Each offering of art invites inspection.

Dancers put their whole bodies on display – from head to toe. The dancers convince the observer to passionately view the physicality of life that we all desire. Each presentation of art – whether in visual, written or audio form – does the same thing, it resonates in its individual medium and space and it is also transferred inside the viewer’s head where it transforms the receiver’s imagination.

Actors, like dancers, play who we are back to us. They play with our emotions. Actors have to be constantly aware of their bodies – what it looks like, how it is perceived, how it works to achieve a particular end. They are mirror of ourselves and they continually confront us with images of ourselves.

Art creates things that remain even after the unique creation - whether it be a performance, reading, viewing or listening - is over. Each word, act, jump or note is a record, albeit temporary, of the creator. It says, “I was here. This is a part of me.”

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