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Saturday, 14 July 2012

Dream 2 - The Mountain Rainbow

There are times when I dream and forget, and there are times when I dream and remember. These two dreams were vivid and I awoke immediately after them. It was still around that special time known as 'stupid o’clock' in the morning, nevertheless I also wrote this one down in full. This is a transcript of my second early morning dream notes:

"I am in a mountainside chalet. It has been raining but people are on the grass and the decking outside of the huge windows. I realise I had been sleeping for a long time. I slowly wander out into the daylight and I see someone I know and we talk briefly. I am wrapped in a loose throw from the bed. I ask her if I have to get up and dressed now.

“Do what you like,” she replies, “it’s your journey.”

Looking up across the mountains I see that the mist is rising and the most magnificent thick rainbow is beginning to appear in the distance. Each of the colours seems to be three times as wide as it normally is – it’s fantastically vibrant. I rush away for my camera. Looking out of the window in my room I decide to go out of the window instead of using the stairs again to get back to the decking area.

I slip through an opening in the floor – like a chute. Immediately I am outside on the wide cedar deck. I decide to stand on my car for a better view (it is suddenly there on the deck). Camera in hand I clamber up onto the boot. A man – who was also taken by the view – tries to climb up on my car as well. I ask him not to do so as it will disturb my delicate balance. He ignores my request saying the view is too good to miss: he has a professional camera with long lenses attached. The car totters when he climbs onto the front (it is a dark blue Nissan Bluebird – a car I have never owned). I get down from the car and start the engine and move the car forwards.

All the time this is happening there is also someone else with me on the car. Just standing there. She’s giving me perfect balance. This man was upsetting my balance and my view of the rainbow. Where I move the car to, a few feet forwards, the man cannot follow for some reason. In the new position I climb back onto the roof with my camera in hand, clouds now cover the rainbow, my perfect shot is spoilt. I feel anger rising – well, annoyance at the very least. The person who is balancing me turns from looking out across the valley and just smiles at me from the other end of the car and then she says in a soft, gentle voice that has no hint of hurry attached to it, “Is it worth it? It was a lovely rainbow, and a seemingly perfect setting, but there will be other rainbows, other times. Don’t worry.”

I relax and sit on the roof of the car gazing out across the heavily wooded valley towards the mountains where the clouds are again lifting and parts of the rainbow are beginning to reappear. I do not pick up my camera again.

I look at my friend who has been silently balancing me since I came back onto the decking. She stands just off to one side of me, she is wearing a long deep chocolate-brown cloak that covers her from her shoulders to the floor. The side of her face is just visible to me. I know her well.

We are alone on the decking looking out in the same direction in unison.

I feel peace and calmness again descend as the clouds lift. Together we enjoy the view and silently we capture it with our hearts and minds.

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