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Tuesday, 11 September 2012


When I think about connections I automatically think of those people I am closest to. Then, like a mathematical diagram, the mind map of my connections gets wider and more spidery. The theme of connections seem to assail me at every turn this week. It may be because I’ve been thinking about a break in connections, a renewed connection, a repaired connection and yet undiscovered connections. It may just be because that is what I am constantly aware of in life: our connectivity on this planet.

In a book I am reading the new chapter is simply headed “Connection”; it greeted me this morning as I finished meditation on the previous chapter.  

Each connection is a contract. We need to have conscious responsibility for each link we have.

But what is it that connects us? Love, respect, need, trust, memories, hope and belief. These are just a few things that I can think of that join me to others.

What is a joint? It’s the location where two or more things make contact. I have connective joints in my heart to so many people, places and memories. Like a diagram of a Victorian plumbing system my heart is a complex maze of ephemeral and eternal links. Each link leaves a mark because it is spectacularly peculiar in its touch. Each connection is special and cannot be replaced with any other. Every bond is ingrained in my life.

I remain connected for ever. That’s the reality of my life.

Strength and flexibility are the main necessary components of lifelong connections. I think that we sometimes need to be like the Cortland Main sheet rope which has more than 52,000 individual strands with a minimum tensile strength of 1845 tonnes.

Too easily we witness the break in connections that maybe should remain intact. There are forces that can separate people, but – if it is the right thing to do – we can resist the external force and hold tight to the multiple strands that link us together. There is strength in the connection.

One thing to remember is that we are all ‘works in progress’ – I have a folder on my computer with the same name. That’s where I store pieces I have started writing, ideas I have that I make notes on, unfinished essays and stories. I connect to it frequently, I add to it, I alter things, I enjoy what I find there: that folder reflects my life – I am a work in progress. It’s where I connect to myself.

Connect with me?

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