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Saturday, 3 November 2012


I had a conversation the other day that got me thinking.

At various stages of life we have different roles, purposes and goals. We have to define and prioritise each of those aspects of our identity as we move along life’s path. What’s OK for us as children will probably not be right for us later on in life. Whereas we accept roles laid down for us when we are still dependent on our parents, when we reach any significant level of maturity we start to define and prioritise our own direction and identity.

We all make our own blueprints.

We may use the one we gained from the family home as a basis. Or we may rip that up and start all over again from scratch.

What I have discovered is that we can’t keep blaming our current situation on the blueprint we received from our parents.

This is what the conversation was about. The person I was talking to insisted that because of family dysfunction when they were young, they were never equipped with the tools to succeed in later life. He insisted that all the parental ‘stuff messed me up for good’.

I think if one day you realise that you are in wet cement and then you stay there – when you could move on – then you cannot blame the people who poured the cement around your feet for your situation. You can only take the responsibility of your current immobility upon yourself.

We have to look at our current situation, take action steps, and remember to constantly review where we are to keep creating a workable life plan. That’s how we build a good blueprint for ourselves.

We have to keep moving from our current reality to our ideal reality. One cement-freeing step at a time. 

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