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Wednesday, 7 November 2012

November thanksgiving note on: love

November thanksgiving note on: love

Love should not make you angry. But it can. I have known frustration and even anger with people because they have shown me love when I could not accept it. You see I didn’t love myself enough to recognize love.

Things are different now.

I used to hide big, and important, parts of who I am when I was with certain people and then I would think,  ‘If you knew who I really am you could never love me.’

Sometimes we are too scared to believe that people know exactly who we are and still love us. We can’t believe that they can love us despite ourselves, because we don’t even believe or love ourselves to that extent yet.

The bits that we don’t like about ourselves we categorise as evil, bad, wrong ... and maybe it’s true, but we have to remember that it is just a part of us, not the whole of us.

People can love ‘all of you’ – not just the part that you still can’t like about yourself.

Love doesn’t give you a choice on how to act. You do the right thing because of  love. That’s Hobson’s choice – the same thing every time. The right thing for myself, the right thing for my neighbour ... that’s you.

Love brings people closer together.

Today I am especially thankful for love.

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