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Saturday, 1 December 2012

A day of mindfulness

For our morning meditation I chose some verses from Psalms 8 (1,3-4).

In order to focus and be fully mindful of something throughout the day we chose to look at wood. In the day that followed we discovered anew the wonder of wood.

The discussions that followed throughout the next few hours were enlightening and everything led us back to God.

Thinking about wood we went forwards looking at all the things that wood can make. And we also went backwards ... to the tree, and to God.

In one room we discovered so many wooden items in our lives. We identified the following things made from wood: a bookcase, books, paper, pencils, cabinets, table, chairs, floor, guitar, coffee table, wicker basket, door, easel, sofa feet and a fireplace surround.

Being mindful of inanimate objects all day made us conscious of things but also of each other and of God. God is constantly mindful of us, of the earth. We also need to be mindful of each other, of the earth, and of God: all the time.

A life of mindfulness is needed I think. 

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Anonymous said...

A wonderful insight .... Wood .... plant life ...Inanimate objects were once animate ...divine Mother Nature I like to call it , God , the Beloved, Allah , creator .... Whatever the preferred name .... All leads to the mystery of creation .... Thanks for sharing your Mindfullness excercise ...

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