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Monday, 4 February 2013

Hips don’t lie

Have you ever been in a situation when you speak quickly without thinking about what you are saying? It’s a natural reaction to respond. You are immediately like the gun-slinging cowboys of the Wild West: shooting from the hip. Most of these adventurous folk had lots of practice before they could perform this feat. They knew what they were doing, they understood themselves, their weapon and what they were aiming at.

So it is with words and sharp responses. They may be deemed to come from the hip, but I believe they also come from the heart. They are an instinctive reaction to the situation you are facing. They are your uncensored truth, they are your hail of bullets to protect yourself. You don’t have time to think and assess, you just react – instinctively, truthfully.

Shooting from the hips is a true indication of what is in your heart and mind.

As Shakia would say “read the signs of my body”  ... neither my hips nor my lips lie.

Hips don’t lie they?

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