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Sunday, 14 April 2013

Sleep massage

When things threaten to overwhelm you do you ever get the urge to retreat away from everybody and everything? I do. That’s when I like to go to sleep.

Finding my most comfortable position to lie in I’ll pull my duvet closely around me, try to clear my mind and then, hopefully, sink into slumber.

Like a reflexology session for the feet,  a good sleep is a massage that affects the whole body.

Sleep can sometimes remove all those rushing thoughts from my head. Like using a pencil eraser they are removed from my conscious mind as sleep floats me gently away from my waking cares. If I do manage to be cradled by a deep sleep I invariably wake up feeling differently about the situation I was retreating from.

My mind is clearer. I can think again.

Sleep can straighten things up - from the inside out.


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