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Thursday, 2 May 2013

I was a magician

Have you ever considered what skill sets you have?

Do you think about your talent as a magician?

Don’t shake your head and dismiss that idea until you reflect on the number of times you have made your feelings disappear.

Now do you see what I mean?

There are an abundance of courses about how to be authentic but, if the foundation course in self-deception was taken early in life, these may have to be repeated, frequently.

I wonder why being authentic is frowned upon so much in society. Why are we taught, at an early age it seems, to button up, close down, or hem ourselves in? Isn’t it more challenging and more draining to be somebody you’re not rather than who you are?

I know my answer to that question. It’s ‘yes’.

I’m trying not to be a ‘feelings magician’ anymore. I won’t make them disappear because I am trying to fit in ... to anything.

I’m going to continue being me.

And ... as a bonus to living authentically you get to feel free and you gradually drop the anxiety, anger, confusion and helplessness that were part of the magician’s spell.

Living authentically is not the easiest thing I have ever done, but it’s one of the best: my gift of love to myself.

I deserve it.

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