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Sunday, 29 January 2012

Observation on life ...

When blindfolded it is usually impossible to see clearly. If we remain blinded once the actual blindfold of circumstance has been removed from our lives then I can’t understand why it is still impossible to see clearly. I have taken into account that time is needed to adjust tot the different levels of light and information that is being received into our brains but after that period surely our vision should be fine, don’t you think?

What I have discovered to be true is that things that appear solidly bound together have an strange capacity to break apart at a quick pace when a devastating event impacts the structure. This could be a house, a family or a heart.

Sometimes these destructive forces have been hovering nearby for a great amount of time, other times they arrive in our lives like tornadoes. No matter how much we hold onto the structure we will not be able to hold it together. The cracks appear and the foundation crumbles.

What I wonder is why can’t we see the potential for destruction when we are wrapped up in the warmth of the present. Do we choose to wear the blindfold against the future or are they really only blinkers that have us focused on the reality in front of us?

If we knew there was danger ahead maybe we would build better foundations now for the things we want to keep in our lives. Wait, that sounds like a good idea! Now, where did I put that cement of love, kindness, caring, sharing and friendship? Ah, there it is ...

I’m off to firm up my foundations.

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