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Friday, 23 April 2010

Plateaus and spikes

We create things around us to be level, even and stable. Not many people build tables, chairs or houses at an angle. It would not be practical or sustainable for everyday living. The things which stand out and are noticeable are those at an unusual position. The items with a different slant and perspective get the most attention.

Yet we sometimes exist from day to day on the same level.

When our lives are running a flatline we are neither experiencing the highs or the lows of living. We plateau through each day and year without being aware of any ripples in our existence. We live as if we are already dead. We don’t know either joy or sadness because we are afraid of taking risks. We miss out on huge chunks of life when we are stuck on the plateau.

Living a plateau life may seem like a safe option but I have found that it does not create too many memories.

Living a plateau existence is like hiding in plain sight.

Living on a plateau is like trying to find a single tree in a forest. You can be hiding but nobody knows because everything looks the same all around you.

Living a flat line life is not healthy or productive.

We need the spikes in our life.

We need highs and lows.

We need to take risks and get rewards.

What we often consider failures can also be seen as great learning experiences. These cannot be gained from flatlining.

Each action (and inaction) has its consequence.

It’s a choice – again today I have chosen to jump off the plateau of ordinary existence and experience the pleasure of life from a different and invigorating perspective.

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