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Tuesday, 21 September 2010

It made my blood boil.

When something feels right you instinctively know it. When it feels wrong, you know that too. I am getting more adept at listening to my body so I knew something was different a few weeks ago. I listened and watched but I was unable to resolve the problem myself therefore I made an appointment to visit the local GPs surgery. It’s just as well it wasn’t fatal as it took me well over a week to actually get an opening.

My initial thoughts were that it was something to do with my diet and exercise routines.

I am a vegan and I’m happy being a vegan. It really suits me. But there are some drawbacks, as with most choices. Eating out can be a bit of a palaver at times, but I have got the ordering in restaurants down to pat. My friends all know what I can eat as well, so that makes visiting people for food less of a hardship that it used to be. In fact, some friends delight in the opportunity to try new, different recipes. And I love them for it.

I also love cooking for them, and I still enjoy cooking the meat that they like to eat; strange, but true. My food is not necessarily their food. But the right foods are essential for the production of good strong blood. To ensure my own good quality blood I have to take iron tablets occasionally when I become anaemic, and so I also have to have the obligatory blood test to check my haemoglobin levels on a fairly regular basis.

So, this week I went to the doctors to get the answers I didn’t know. And, to my amusement, he told me that he didn’t know either. Nevertheless my amiable Dr. B suggested that I take a few more blood tests to check levels of various things in my body. The nurse, who took the four vials of blood, gave me a concerned look as the first lot of blood left my arm.

It was frothing in the tube.

I asked her why it did that. Hesitatingly she read my face again, then answered, “I guess you must be a bit anxious,” she said, “because your blood is pumping really fast and hitting the bottom of the tube at speed that’s why it looks like that.”

“You noticed,” I responded with my usual dry humour.

I personally think that knowing that Dr B didn’t have any answers to help me right then, and the fact I had to wait, yet again, for another battery of test results, just made my blood boil... and my eyes weep.


Anna Piutti said...

I hope everything turned out fine.

Marj said...

Thankfully it has. I got the results yesterday :-) so my deeper smile has resurfaced.

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