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Sunday, 19 September 2010


They say (you know who they are – they always have something to say on every matter!) that if you have a guilty conscience then you can’t sleep at night. I sleep very well I’m glad to say. So on this point I have a tendency to agree with them.

I remember one occasion when I’d just decided to separate from my ex-partner, I had, of course, been thinking about it for some time. It was far from a rash decision. Anyway, that day I spoke those final words than broke our world into detached parts and then, after a long discussion and many tears, I went to bed. And slept - soundly.

The next morning, my now ex-partner, looked at me with amazement – and a touch of disbelief - and asked how it was possible for me to have an apparently undisturbed sleep all night. I simply believe it was because I was at peace with my decision and my conscience was clear.

Nowadays I still sleep very well, however, there are some nights when I do not want to go to bed. Don’t get me wrong, I love to sleep but often I’m not ready for bed. So I do other things to exhaust myself before I retire. On the whole they work a treat. I find that if I am awake alone then a good book is often the best way to move me from the desire to be awake to the need to be asleep.

Once exhausted I sink into the warmth of my bed and within seconds of settling down I am asleep. Bliss.

It doesn’t matter how late I go to sleep but once I connect with the pillow I am in total comfort with a peace and security that I can rest with a clear mind.


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