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Sunday, 26 February 2012

Using your imagination

How can you use your imagination? Let me count the ways ...

While you’re off counting your own ways to use your imagination I’d like to share something with you. Don’t worry, it’ll still be here when you’ve finished.

You see, I’ve been blessed with information that I am honour (love) bound to share with you all. It’s about using your imagination for spiritual progress. I attended a seminar about just that topic. It was a reminder of what we have inside of us and how we can best use it to assist our spiritual journey. It was a wonderful few hours in tranquil surroundings. 

As I said, I cannot keep this information to myself, so here it is for you to take with you on your own spiritual journey. I am sharing the gift I received with you – I know, I’m generous. You can thank me later ...

Because imagination is the central force of change, I think we should all invest more time into using it. Here are a few nuggets to get your own imaginative juices flowing as you take steps on your way today. Have fun.

I          “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” Albert Einstein
            Imagination is a private place, no one else can be in my imagination
– not even by invitation: it is mine, alone.

M       Meditation
            When you take time to listen to yourself and God you can increase your creativity.
When we give ourselves up to creativity, we open ourselves up to G.O.D.
            Good Orderly Direction

A        Active Imagination and Active Listening
            To be an active listener we need to “switch off the self”.
            Listen with your ears, eyes, heart and imagination. Listen to the whole person.

G        Gratitude
            Inspect your baggage and see what you’ve already got.
            Make a gratitude list.
Start with 20 and see how many you get. More than you thought? Be grateful.

I          Images that inspire
            Find and use images that inspire you.
Go for a walk, go to a museum, look at photographs.
N        Nature is a great opportunity for exercising the imagination
            Select anything you find and look at it, really look at it and think about it.

A        Award yourself a blessing
            This may seem difficult at first but it’s not.
Think of a quality, any one and make yourself a blessing from it

T         Ticket to Ride
            Your imagination is your ticket to ... anywhere. You can go where you like.
            Make time to ... be at peace. Start with a minute. You have a minute, surely?
            Change your thinking and change your life in just-a-minute 

I          Imagine a world ... as it could be, as it should be.
            Change your world and you change the whole world. Imagine that.
            Smile more, be cooperative, practice total acceptance, forgive and be truthful.
            What a difference those few things make in the world.

O       Open-minded
           Be open-minded and think about what is in the way of your own spiritual progress.
           Open yourself to help to surmount the obstacles.
           Imagine what it would be like if your dreams came true.

N     Now - right now!
           Now is a good time to make the change and really start using your imagination.

“With imagination you can free yourself from the chains of your own solitary perceived reality.”
 Davina Lloyd

“Perhaps imagination is only intelligence having fun.”
George Scialabba

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