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Thursday, 8 March 2012

International Women’s Day – My Celebration

Some women make a big difference in a small area, other women make a big difference on a global stage. Women are making differences all the time in their homes, in their communities, in their jobs. Women’s lives are different – they speak for themselves alone and at the same time they can also speak for thousands of voiceless women who share similar stories.

One such woman, Ellen Kuzwayo, also known as ‘Ma K’, gave up teaching in 1952 when she was required to teach her pupils “what appeared to be very poisonous to their minds” following the introduction of the Bantu education act in South Africa.

Ellen Kuzwayo refused to be intimidated by the apartheid system, she found a way to make a difference as a social worker and campaigner for equality in the Transvaal. She was also a tireless activist for women’s emancipation. Ellen Kuzwayo, phenomenal woman, resisted inequality in all forms and she continually fought for the rights of women in South Africa.

I celebrate her history because she speaks for thousands of other women as well.

Another woman whom I admire and want to recognise today is Annie Lennox. She is a political and social activist, humanitarian as well as a singer, songwriter. Annie Lennox is renowned for raising awareness of HIV/ AIDS in Africa. Her work included increasing education and health care for those affected by sickness in Africa. Annie Lennox worked as an ambassador of Nelson Mandela’s 46664 campaign where she did her part to raise the global awareness of HIV/Aids, this work was also enhanced by her performance in two 46664 concerts and by her being a part of the Make Poverty History Campaign.

In 2011 Annie Lennox was awarded a lifetime achievement award at the Inspiration for Women awards ... and she’s nowhere near finished yet. Annie Lennox is also a phenomenal woman.

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