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Monday, 5 July 2010

Routines ... part one

Routines, habits, familiar ways: they are all hard to break. When you are stuck in a rut it becomes a comfortable form of discomfort, a familiar routine. The usual way seems like the only way while the truth is that it is totally possible to move forward and change... anything.

One way to make the change a reality is to look at just what motivates you (or demoralises you) to stay in your current situation. Once this reflection has occurred then take a look at reasons why things could and must be different.

When the reasons for change are clear, and they are always clear when we give ourselves the time and space to see them, then hang on to this new motivation as if your life depends on it because ... this new part of your life really does depend on the change!

Change is like being enchanted by a spell but this alteration in your life is all your own doing, it’s all your own choice. You (re)discover your goal and find a new or renewed motivation to get you there. With this discovery comes fresh knowledge of the reason why you have to make the change and why you can’t remain with the same old ways.

Before long you will be used to a new routine, a fresh healthy habit and brightly positive ways that will be the new and familiar way of your life.

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