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Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Routines ... part two

Routines have a way of protecting us and also, sometimes, of holding us back from the things that we need to face. When we leave familiarity behind we are confronted by ourselves. We meet with our own thoughts and real feelings about ourselves and the people who have had an impact on our lives. Stripping away the usual padding of daily life opens up the way for our minds to remember times and people who have influenced us. When stepping out of routines we are on journeys in thought that take us back to moments of intensity in our experience. These may be high points or low points.

Without the comfort of busyness we can avoid reliving the big moments of our lives that have shaped us.

Sometimes we keep ourselves so busy to ensure that we don’t have time to think about what really matters to us. Busyness is a form of protection of the heart. The familiarity of routine is certainty whilst the hidden depths of our minds is an unsecure place.

When I avoid listening to myself I am, in effect, allowing outside influences to decide the shape of my life and my future. It is like being a beast of burden and being given a particular yoke to wear and a task to complete, without a choice in any aspect of your life. Not listening to myself is also akin to allowing someone else to choose the music that is the rhythm of my life.

Listening to yourself is like having a personal visit from your best friend. Visiting yourself may sound strange but it is a form of self reflection that is actually about choosing your own destiny.

Each day I conclude that this is the time for a new routine that I will choose and conduct.

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