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Thursday, 21 October 2010

Living now ... Seeing further

Living Now ... I am living now. If my father had been living now he would be celebrating his 101st birthday today.

My father lived a long, and often hard life. He saw many things people should not see and endured experiences that would make him weep. Sometimes he would take his anger and frustration out on the family. I didn’t understand him for most of my life. It is strange that since he died I have started to understand him a bit more – at least I think I have.

My father worked hard to move from his humble beginnings in Jamaica, where he owned nothing much more than two kid goats, to a comfortable mortgage free home that he lived in for over 25 years after his retirement. His work ethic provided for his retirement.

His legacy to me is greater than a financial one. My father has left me with an enduring example of the benefits (and costs) of consistency, commitment and perseverance.

He lived through times of great social advances and terrible tragedies; he was part of the British war effort in the Caribbean. Michael Morgan helped to rebuild the industry of Britain after WWII when he worked here relentlessly as an engineer. Although we had our many disagreements I retained respect for his journey.

I may never truly appreciate my father but this I do know ... Michael J Morgan was a giant. My parents both facilitated my growing environment. My mother also made a path for me to be who I am in this world. She too was a giant in her own unique way.

My siblings and I are but dwarfs that have been allowed to stand on the shoulders of giants. It is now up to us individually to see further.

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