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Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Black Coral - Amryl Johnson

Rare to this flesh-eating scenery

which devours the evening

at Morne Rouge

with a sun which sets

as if falling from the sky

you would stand with a mirror to your thoughts

deflecting the rays which bounced

off you

proud, exquisite African


I would watch

as you stripped

the coral

curving its black form



I wanted

to bend time

and take you

take you

back to your kingdom

One day

you came out of the sea

clutching a branch which as not

black coral

Smooth as ivory

it was naked as bone

You held it out to me


Taken aback

my gaze fell from it to you

it to you

and then back again

I thought of skeletons, piranhas

and your own shrinking will

I could not answer when you called

You called my name again

I did not turn

I walked away without a backward glance

The urgency had gone


of the longing

(Collection: Long Road to Nowhere)

1 comment:

tiziana giangrande said...

I liked it, his sound and rithm taken my attention until the end...:)

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