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Monday, 11 October 2010

New day, new me

Change is constant. Nothing new in that statement, I’m sure you will agree. After all we are all aware that everything is changing around us all the time.
What I have found is that there is a more dramatic change occurring inside each of us, each day. This is especially true when something big happens.
This “something big” is relative to each person. For me, this month, it is the legal return to my individual status. I will no longer be associated with one particular person: my divorce (dissolution – to give it its correct legal term) is being finalised. The solicitor sent me a letter giving me the date when all will be returned to normal. I say “normal”, but I am aware that the normality that I had before I entered into my civil partnership has passed and I will be going forward, not backward, to a new normality. Nothing about me is being dissolved although something new is definitely emerging. Phoenix-like I am rising.

I am at the same time excited and nervous. I know that externally nothing about me will have changed. I separated from my ex-partner over three years ago and I have since been blessed with new and beautiful experiences of love. In the interim period I have grown in so many ways. I have been blessed with the constant love from a wonderful child and I have met so many new friends. My mind has reached a place of peace that I had once thought unattainable. Each day I gain more blessings by being able to live my dream. I am constantly experiencing change and coming face to face with opportunities that can be described as “something big”.
I believe that each time we experience dramatic events in our lives we have an absolute alteration within ourselves. This is sometime linked to a sense of agitation and a perception of whirling on blankness.
Each time the rotation ceases I can step forward into a new day and a new me.


Anna Piutti said...

So true.
Remain serene and blessed.

Marj said...

Thank you, Anna. I will try to do so. Wishes reciprocated to you.

P.D. Gourlais said...

I love this! It must be exciting! Good luck with the finalization of your papers. May change continue to drive you and move you in the most sweet and serene way!

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