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Tuesday, 6 May 2008

The art of fishing ...

Can be applied to achieving the dream of your life.

Focus precisely on what you want
– It will be your passion and obsession: a gift. It is the reason you are here. You don’t have to fight for your gift, it is yours already. Maybe you still need to identify it …
Prepare the right equipment for success in your venture
- Use the most appropriate tools.
Find the right location
- Identify the best place to make your dream a reality. Maximise your chances of success.
Learn to have patience in the midst of the process- You have to be able to endure the bad times to appreciate the good times.
Practice relaxation
- You will experience times of alternating pure joy and the next, pure frustration.
Discover keen observational skills
- Remember that you never stop learning, whatever the situation. Watch as things alter and incorporate the changes into your plan.
- Believe and expect the results that you are working towards.

Fulfilment of your dream will follow.

Time will pass, you will work hard towards your dream and you will succeed.

In the words of anglers everywhere: I wish you ‘tight lines’.

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