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Saturday, 3 May 2008

Bridges and mirrors

I’ve moved into the construction business.
I am a full-time bridge builder.

Bridges are built with one purpose: to connect one area to another; areas that may otherwise be lost to each other. People can build bridges to reconnect with their lost friends and family. Many people do this every day with great success. We can all join in to become a world community of bridge-builders. Building bridges is beneficial and can help people to heal and remember their similarities rather than their differences.

Words can build bridges between people. The words can make future communication easier in the life journey.
We are all travelling on the road of life and sometimes we let past hurts fester in our hearts instead of reaching out and making the first move to repair the breach in a relationship.
Why do we think that it is better if the other person makes the initial move? Is it because they did us a greater wrong than we did to them? Who can judge the extremity of the wrong in the life of the person feeling it? Wrong is wrong.

Although it is a great idea to repair the disconnection between people it must be remembered that the construction effort maybe sabotaged by others who, for their own reasons, do not want the rift to be healed. In order to protect the effort of reconciliation the bridge must be built to withstand all natural occurrences including all forms of un-welcomed sarcasm, well-timed reminders of the past pain and other destructive actions.

The construction of the bridge is important, from the foundations to the highest point. It has to support its own weight as well as the weight of everything that will pass over it or blow against it. A bridge provides a link over an obstacle or depression. You have to identify what that is in your own life. Take a look at what is missing and think of the good times when the connection was intact. This is not a time for attributing blame; it is a time to reconnect.

The completed bridge provides a reunion opportunity, a chance for the safe crossing from one side to the other, or the option to meet in the middle.
I’ve been thinking about those I want to meet again and I started out hopefully. I was not disappointed because there was another bridge builder making their way towards me.
We have built a bridge together.
It is a strong structure and I plan to do my part in the maintenance of it. It is important that with the connection we have resumed we put in new, strong foundations of mutual trust coated on opposing sides with peace and love. I have since had a few more great successes!

There are lots of vacancies in this business. The benefits are out of this world. There are no long panel interviews to attend either. You just decide you want to do it and start. It’s as simple as that.

The brilliance of this position is that you can do it right where you are! You don’t have to relocate or travel great distances – that is optional, depending on the bridge you choose to build.

The mirrors?
Well, the mirrors are there to reveal the beauty in our own eyes.

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