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Monday, 12 May 2008

Time to be child-like

I was feeling uncomfortable with how I had positioned myself on the floor. But I did not move.

‘Mummy?’ came the query, ‘Mummy, are you alright?’

“Um,” I hesitated in my response as I shifted and moved my aching neck slightly to the right to see the worried look on my son’s face. The look matched the concern in his voice. I have consistently told him to be honest with his feelings and to say how he feels and why. Now, this honesty question was directly glaring at me.

“Well,” I struggled for the right thing to say while trying to get my body into a more comfortable position, “actually darling, I’m not ok. It hurts being here like this.”

“Why don’t you move then?”

“Well,” again I delayed answering as I tried to think of a good answer. None came.
“Well, it’s just that if I move now it will only be for a few minutes before I have to come right back into the same position, so …” as I started to say my thoughts out aloud they seemed like a weak argument even to my ears.
“So, “ I continued, “it makes sense just to stay here.”

“Why?” came the immediate reaction.

“Um, well, ‘cause it will take too long to move and get comfortable in another position and then it’ll be time for me to come right back here to finish doing this – I only have a few more minutes to wait …”

“But, Mummy, why don’t you do little nice things to make the big things better?”

Why not indeed?!

I think that it is time to take the wisdom and outlook of a child and apply it to my life. It makes so much sense.

Can you find a recent situation when the above advice would have been a more sensible solution that the uncomfortable one that you chose?

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