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Monday, 5 May 2008

More on bridges and mirrors …

A wise young man recently said to me that bridges are not just to connect one area to another: they are also used as a short cut to a destination. There are good reasons why some journeys need to be shortened. Situations when time is the most important factor.

As a full-time bridge builder, this next statement may seem out of sync with my declared business: occasionally some of our bridges need to be destroyed.

The bridge may provide a link to a time and a place that we must leave behind in order to survive now. So, whether we put up a sign and barriers to the mouth of the bridge saying ‘NO ACCESS’, or we choose to completely demolish the structure, we must sometimes take all adequate steps to terminate the connection with that past area.
Then, your energies can be focused on your new direction and constructions, instead of constantly looking over your shoulder worried about the bridge to a detrimental time in your history.

Practical use of mirrors

The most common type of mirror is usually made from glass with a reflective coating applied to it. We use them to study ourselves, usually a quick glance just before going out somewhere, or upon waking in the morning. Other times we use mirrors to recognise objects behind us.
Domestic mirrors are imperfect because they absorb some of the light that strikes their surface. Self-observation in a mirror can be an uncomfortable occupation. Not many people spend a vast amount of time just looking at their self in the mirror – just to know their self. The best way to get to know ourselves is to spend time alone; to remove all distractions and listen to what our hearts are saying. We can then start to experience a near perfect reflection of our internal lives. In these quiet times we start to see and hear the murmurs of our hearts. Internal observation means no light is lost.

There is a ‘hearing’ mirror - more unusual than the regular glass based model, it is called the acoustic mirror; this device, once used to detect sound waves, and thus judge the distance of things approaching a particular location, has now been replaced by the modern radar. We each have an internal radar that warns us of potential dangers that we cannot yet see, but we often ignore it or turn it off. For the maximum benefit of realisation it is advisable to retune our radars to the setting for ultimate dream fulfilment, because too often we have allowed the true signal of our destiny to be cluttered and jammed by the minutiae of existence. When we have a clear signal we can focus on a simpler life and a more fulfilling existence.

I have been using my mirrors and bridges to enhance my experience of living now.

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