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Friday, 23 May 2008

Wake-up call

What is a wake-up call? Is it always the same thing? I’m not thinking about an alarm on your phone, clock, or radio. I’m talking about a life event that wakes you up from the slumber that you’ve existed in up to this point.

Why wait for the wake-up call to jolt you into reality?

It is an event, usually a major event like a secret habit being discovered by another person, or the arrival of a visitor, or meeting someone unexpectedly and having your warmth rebuffed for no known reason. Events such as these can, and often do, change your life forever. What event do you need to bring you to the sudden realization that you are not living the best life you can right now? A heart attack, bankruptcy or house repossession, arrest, an accident or maybe the unexpected illness or death of a loved one?

Carpe Diem! Make your own ‘wake-up call’ action plan, and omit the negative drama of the event. Move on, move forward, rise.

You have to care enough about yourself, your future, in fact you have to care enough about living now, to want to make that difference in your life today. Wake up!

Deciding to live consciously is a life-changing choice. It is a simple way of life; all you have to do is to really think about everything you do, to do things consciously. Be always aware of what choices you are making. This will, however, take effort, energy and attention to life, your life. Do not accept living life on autopilot and letting your life pass by doing things you’ve always done but never really known why you do them, the things that you’ve ‘fallen into’.

Try doing a time audit … sounds strange? The results could be stranger … try it for a couple of days. Work out just how much time you spend doing different things each day, log the events and when you’ve reviewed your time appraisal then you can make a decision whether to continue in the same habits and pattern of existence or whether you will make a change in the way you use your time. You’ll then be in a better position to decide whether to live automatically or consciously.

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