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Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Fractures and potholes

I have broken bones in the past – in the pursuit of sporting activities. I had committed my all to the quest for the ultimate goal of achieving victory. I always did exceptionally well, I was proud then, and I remember the times with pleasure. The fractures that I received are now constant reminders to me of those times.

The bones that I broke were never as firm as before the incidents. I do not see the breaks now but I feel the effects of them occasionally. And then in my mind’s eye I look back at a time of intense pain and discomfort.

Those breaks may be invisible to the eye but they are there, below the surface. Too much stress on those parts of my body and I know about it all over again.

They are like the road surfaces in our towns. For months the small cracks in the road are invisible. Then pressure is added to the break. Water is one of the main culprits. When the water on the road becomes ice it expands and the stress on the fracture from the water below and the vehicles above cause the road to crumble and holes appear.

These visual fractures in our road surfaces are no longer rare occurrences, unfortunately.

I know that sometimes I cause my fractures to hurt because I am the culprit. I do things I know will exacerbate the pain, yet still I persist – and then suffer.

This is my personal pothole.

I know I must avoid causing the damage and then I will not have to repair the site repeatedly. The same goes for my heart. If I look after myself I will not have to fix the damage I expose myself to. There is always a cost associated with experiencing a pothole.

Some potholes can be avoided, others just have to be repaired.

I vow to care properly for all the potential and actual potholes in my life.

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