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Friday, 12 February 2010


Have you ever lost something? You know you had it one moment and then, imperceptibly, it slipped away from you. The next time you wanted it, needed it, looked for it – it was gone.
How do you feel when you acknowledge your losses? Do you blame yourself for … being careless, stupid, too busy, wasteful?
If you are at fault then you can resolve to do better the next chance you get. You can choose to behave differently.
If the blame lies elsewhere – remember that the loss is not your responsibility and DO NOT take the burden of the loss on as your own personal punishment. There is a time when things end. It may not be our timing, but it may be the right time.

Things change, things pass, things are lost.

The time you have to make a difference is now. The people you have in your life are here for a reason. Enjoy your day. Make good memories – to keep.

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