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Saturday, 8 May 2010

Courage - The Cast List

Sometimes we face situations that we do not know how to handle and if we share the problem with others they may give words of advice.

“Remember the story of Moses,” they may say.

“Remember how God led him and delivered the people out of the hand of the Egyptians.”

When courage is in short supply within our bodies we may be tempted to reply, “But I’m not Moses!”

This is true.

We are not the same as many of the heroes of the Bible stories and legends that have been passed down through the ages. The tales of heroism make us feel pride in the achievements of others.

In our very present situations, when we are confronted with a choice that often causes us to fear and want to back away, we sometimes look into the mirror of our souls and know that we are not Moses. We have to remember that although this is true there is still one constant about this miraculous situation. The focus may have altered from Moses to me but the lead character in this tale has remained the same: I am NOT Moses, but God is still God!

When we do our part, God is always there to do His part.

He gives us the courage we need when we step forward in trust.

I am not Moses, I am me and God is still God.

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