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Sunday, 16 May 2010

A dominant past in the present

I’ve had events in my past and they have had a big impact on my life. This is not unreasonable. Some situations were related to life and death. Some were not. Nevertheless they were all major milestones in my personal experience. They were important to me then.

While taking time out for reflection I have come to the realisation that events from the past should not DOMINATE every aspect of our present lives: they have an affect on us but they should not take over what happens to us each and every new day.

If we allow past events to constantly dictate current actions then we are draining away all our energies to feed the past and not focussing on the present or moving to the future. We cannot allow the past to CONTROL us. It may be that we wallow in the mire of our past histories as an excuse not to be PRESENT in the present.

If you had any dreams before those events, find them again. Make them your focus.

If you were dreamless then it’s time to start dreaming about your future.

When you begin to look forward you will know the beauty that is hope, things will change and a better way of living will immediately be yours.

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