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Friday, 21 May 2010

Integrity and principles

Sometimes our words and actions may affect others in a negative manner.

We can allow this to dominate our lives or we can choose to accept the matter for what it actually is. If your intention was kind and pure then I suggest that you rest easily and do not get deterred from your mission.

We ARE responsible for our actions and words. However, we are not expected to censor ourselves to the extent of altering our personality because we become afraid of maybe offending someone. If your heart is true then remember that in this world there will be some people - maybe many people – who may never support or encourage you: that is their choice. They may find your approach abrasive and too direct, they may regard you as misguided or hurtful. What is important is that you do not allow their growth journey to negatively impact on yours.

When situations occur you should already be conscious of your integrity and principles so that the event will not overturn you (you may suffer temporary derailment while you deal with the bruises of the attack but these will pass).

Pick yourself up, dust yourself (and your ego) off and return to your plan. If it wasn’t a good plan for you then you would have already made a different one.

Retain your standards and keep moving towards your goal.

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