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Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Hope versus Fear

Which is stronger? Hope or Fear?

Hope pulls you towards your goal.

Fear pushes you away from any point.

Hope encourages you to believe.

Fear implants doubt in everything.

Hope sees light and a way through.

Fear closes in and suffocates you.

Hope gilds your feet with golden wings.

Fear ladens you with leaded boots.

Hope opens the door, windows and roof.

Fear buries you underground.

Hope becomes the champion.

Fear is defeated.

When you believe in something outside of yourself, bigger than you, different to you, then you confront hopelessness in battle and partnered with hope you can triumph.

Belief takes on many forms. It can rest in medicine, doctors, unknown rescuers, love, even in belief itself.

Belief is more than bravery. It is light, love, laughter and LIFE.

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