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Thursday, 12 August 2010

Light is hope

Despair is like a blanket covering the present and the future.

In moments of utter helplessness we can neither move or think, then a pinprick of light appears and we feel safe because we can see hope.

The smallest amount of light can alter a journey. It is different for everybody. Then we move from stumbling about in wretchedness to focussing on the way forward in a split second.

Sometimes we just need to move our vision by a few degrees to perceive the light.

It is there.

Sometimes we just need to open our eyes because our eyes can adjust to our environment and we will see that it is not really as dark as we thought it was.

We can see ... something.

Closing our eyes is like deepening the darkness.

The lighthouse is there. It is always there.

We have to keep looking for the light.

Once we have discerned the rescue point ahead, we can begin our gentle movement towards the next part our journey.

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