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Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Usain Bolt's feet

Sure-footed. Feet first. Put your best foot forward.

Phrases that bring steadiness of progress to mind. They remind us of times when we are unlikely to slip, stumble or fall. Being stable on our feet means that there is a steadiness that is not subject to alteration or deviation. This steadiness is based on having focus on a goal. Focus brings out the capability that is often hidden within and progress increases the confidence.

Babies crawl before they walk. Then they are called toddlers. They move from the first stage of life to the next – once they begin to ‘find their feet’. Babies know that they want to move faster and more independently, and they invariably manage it with great confidence in themselves. They may achieve their goal on the first attempt but if they do not that does not deter them; babies keep on trying until they become the Usain Bolt of their own lives.

Sometimes on our way through life we stumble and fall. We lose our footing. We become disorientated and confused. At times we may feel unable to get up again. We feel lost.

When we lose our way, we have to start again – somehow. Although we have fallen we cannot stay down. We have to get up and move on. The fall may have brought on some confusion

One way might be for a few moments to focus all our attention on our feet. If we concentrate on our feet we will know exactly where we stand right now. If we can took down and feel secure after that we can look up and move forwards with assurance.

I need to get my bearings and having my feet on solid ground is the starting point. There is the old cliché to remember that every journey begins with the first step: it is true. Knowing that there aren’t physically limitations to prevent you from moving forward is important for some people before they actually make a move.

Falling is not usually a onetime occurrence. I may slip again – and that will also be OK. I can find my way, again. I just need to find my feet first and then focus on the goal ahead.

By putting in an effort that surpasses all others I am ‘putting my best foot forward’ in my life journey and I hope that I will remain as sure-footed as a mountain goat.

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