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Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Architects and Interior Designers

Architects conceive and create the most amazing structures. All around us we have evidence of magnificent constructions that have emerged from their ideas; they range from bungalows to mansions, chapels to cathedrals, from country roads to super-highways.

Each is individual and wonderful as itself.

Each of us also has a starting point, a blueprint that we can adjust. We make changes each and every day.

We are all architects.

Every single person is the architect of their own life.

We are also interior designers.

We decide how to fill our lives. We choose the content of each day.

Our lives, as with newly constructed buildings, are like empty rooms. They are without character and purpose until we decide what colour to use, what furniture to fill them with, and what identity to bestow on them.

The canvas is in your mind. You direct the process and the progress. Enjoy your creation today J

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