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Monday, 9 August 2010

Shore leave is over

Sometimes we are reluctant to make a change because everything is not ‘just so’. We reason that we need to prepare A, B, C all the way to Z before we can start on the way towards our dream.

These are the excuses that we all often use that stops us from fulfilling our individual dreams. “The time isn’t right, everything is not in place. I need to do this first ... That needs to happen before I can start ... I’m waiting for ...”

Now, some of these reasons may well be valid but it is my belief that the majority of them are excuses. Excuses that are created from that place of fear that lives inside of us. That place where the seed of doubt has taken root and where, on these occasions, we allow the lack of belief in ourselves to grow.

Sailors who want to reach another shore still have to get in the boat and leave the relative safety of dry land even though they are not assured of the weather ahead of them; they learn to read the signs of the sea and the sky and they adjust the resources that they have with them to use the wind and the waves around them to their best advantage. If the wind is not moving your sails in the right direction you can always use your oars. Different tools in life develop different muscles. Sometimes what looks like it may be working against us may well be helping to manoeuvre us into the position we need to be in. It is possible to make headway in the most inhospitable climates. This is not the time, like some sailors of old, to desert our dreams and revel in the distracting excesses of a secondary life. This is not the time to take a leave of absence from our dreams.

It is time to be the wind and the oars in your own life. Choose your own life course, do not allow yourself to drift into something that you do not like, do not want, and will never enjoy.

If your dream lies on the high seas then shore leave must end now.

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