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Sunday, 1 August 2010


People wear t-shirts emblazoned with the image or the slogan of whatever they are promoting, or what they think is amusing. You see them everywhere. T-shirts with people or products on them. Promoting someone or something. It may be the child-like games character or the symbol of a multi-national company. The space is used for a sign of some kind of devotion. There is intense competition for advertising space – everywhere. Even on our bodies. We are advertising ourselves all the time.

When I wear my t-shirt with the words ‘Jesus, Hope for Tomorrow’ on it I get pitying looks. At first I was not totally conscious of the looks then I began to notice that I was getting those double take looks that people do when they don’t quite believe what they have seen. The eyes were on my t-shirt. The glances re-read the words then took me in. Disbelief settled in their eyes. It is as if people have investigated the truth behind the story of Jesus and have decided that it is a myth, a joke, nothing to take seriously. The sadness is palpable. Sometimes it is open disgust.

When I wear t-shirts with other graphics or symbols on them I see people look, smile or nod appreciatively but this never happens when Jesus is up front. Jesus is not a popular name to say in serious conversations or public places. Jesus has become the butt of all jokes. His name is used regularly, but mainly as a swear word.

In the 21st century Jesus has become the anti-hero in the world. He is no longer held in high regard.

The world has a new hero. Superman is the hero. Any superman. In fact, any superhero.

Superheroes are the devil’s plan to make sure people don’t believe in Christ Jesus.

Superheroes are the anti-Christ.

Because people do not really believe in superheroes - and they are part of the fabric of everyday life - then it is becomes more likely that people will grow in disbelief when faced with the reality of the life and powers of Christ.

Superheroes were conceived to make the real Hero unbelievable.

Even sweets are heroic!

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