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Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Lost precious memories?

I was deleting a few messages from my phone as I had just received that warning message from my service provider that I was running out of memory storage space. I looked at a few of the messages that I had recently received and once I had highlighted the groups of conversations I pressed ‘select’ to delete them. The phone system checked with me, ‘option 1 Selected, option 2 Multiple, option 3 All’ I could either press ‘select’ or ‘back’. This was the ‘are you sure?’ section of the procedure. I was sure so I chose option 3 to delete them all.


After about thirty seconds I wondered why the screen still displayed ‘Deleting ...’ with the option to cancel the process at the bottom of the screen. I waited for a short while then returned to my phone call.

It wasn’t until nearly two hours later that I realised that I had deleted all of my precious memories that I had on my phone in text form.

Then I thought ... were they that precious?

They are obviously not easily replaceable, but I know that I could retrieve them if I really wanted to go through all that palaver but ... I thought about it some more and realised that although it was an accidental delete off all my text, I mean every single text on my phone – both received and sent – that it was not the end of the world.

It made me think that this ‘delete’ was supposed to happen. I now have plenty of free space on my phone to make new precious memories. And, although I don’t really adhere to the whole New Year (is the only time to make a), New Start philosophy, I saw that the timing was perfect.

Then I remembered a poster I saw on someone’s blog about everyday wisdom and I thought how appropriate it was while thinking about the memories that I had just erased:

I have already set about making new memories to add to those erased from my phone - but never lost from my mind. Today I am making more precious memories.

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