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Monday, 27 December 2010

Life enhancing emotions

Some time ago I was thinking about writing about positive emotions that have enhanced my life. Then I got all caught up in living these emotions that I almost forgot to write about them!

There are 10 of these that I try to regularly experience and here are my first 5:

1. Love and emotive expression.

2. Appreciation and gratefulness.

3. Curiosity.

4. Daily excitement and passion.

5. Determination.

I am either a curious or a nosey person, so that is one of the first 5 ticked off the list. I am curious about people and what makes them who they are. I love spending time listening and sharing with different people. This curiosity of mine has not led me into a feline state of near extinction; instead it has brought me to a place of friendship and growing acquaintance with many, many people. It may just start with a smile, and from there I never know where it is going to end; I just love the adventures that I undertake. Real people are much more interesting to me than any soap opera on television.

I am happily growing in gratitude as I learn to appreciate the different learning experiences that I encounter each day. It is the prospect of this daily excitement that fills me with the determination to repeat and enhance the practice of listening to my emotions.

It was like a sudden awakening from a deep sleep when I realised that listening to how I feel was a positive and loving thing to do for myself. I have never returned to that deep slumber although I have occasionally taken brief naps on my way.

I am grateful to several people who have encouraged me to be kind to myself. And when I listen to all emotions - both negative and positive - and take action on them I always experience a sense of well-being.

I appreciate that certain people took the time to see beyond the mask that I felt was permanently fixed to my existence and cheered me on as I fought to begin the transformation into the butterfly I was destined to be. To them I say a sincere ‘thank you’.

More on this soon ...

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