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Thursday, 9 December 2010


“People forget you after the first sunset.”

Zarah Ghahramani

The character that said this was full of bleakness and despair. I am full of hope and happiness. And for this reason I wanted to tell you something...

I have not forgotten you, and I will never forget you.

You many never know just how much you mean to me, and that’s all right. It is sufficient for me to know. We have connected. You may or may not remember when or where; that doesn’t matter either. I have enough memory for it all.

You are important to me because you are ... you. It is that simple.

The uniqueness of your being has forever impacted my life. I have changed because I have been blessed with knowing you. Thank you.

In my heart there will never be a closure to our connection; no sun will ever set on my care and regard for you.

I have you in my heart: even through dark times I continue to care; even through the bright times I continue to care. I know that I will never forget you.

I love the beauty of sunsets. They are all individual. They are all special. Sunsets have their place in the journey of each day. Each person has their place in the journey of my life. This is because with every person I meet I have been fortunate enough to receive a unique gift from them; from you I received untold treasures and the freedom to be all of me. Again, I thank you.

Each new day that I have brings a reminder of the wonderful people that I have been fortunate to meet and know.

As time goes by I want you to know that, even when we do not have regular and consistent contact, I remember you in my heart. You are thought of often.

When you love someone you cannot forget about them – no matter where they are.

© Marjorie H Morgan 9/12/10

1 comment:

Kerry said...

Thank you - I know it's long overdue.

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