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Sunday, 9 October 2011

I’m worried ...

Something strange has been happening in my house over the past few weeks and I’m worried.

Things are changing. And it’s not just confined to one room.

I first noticed it when the food from the cupboards started disappearing. Then there was a problem with the washing machine. The clothes looked OK. Even when I ironed them they looked fine. It was just when I put them on that I noticed something odd: they were shrinking.

This is particularly strange because it has affected even my coats. Because of the warm weather I haven’t been wearing them, but the late autumnal change has brought cold winds and cloud-filled skies.

I think the heat from the summer has shrunk the clothes or the temperature dial on the washing machine has been set to high. Because something is desperately wrong.

At first I thought it was a mouse and even considered a mouse trap but these particular visitors are not leaving the usual traces of their visits.

Then I realised that it was indeed something else. Something that needed a bigger trap to catch it.

So, if you don’t see me for a while it’s because I am busy fighting this new-fangled contraption that is called a ‘free-will trap’: I know it’s the cause of all the strange happenings. I may set up a video camera and record my findings to post here at a later stage.

Things are indeed changing.

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