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Friday, 4 November 2011

Psychology and sexuality

*WARNING  do not read this blog if you have homophobic tendencies *

This is a personal point of view – we all have them. I am about to share mine.

With the fluid nature of sexuality and the constant need to express this sexuality in public, it is sometimes a wonder to me that the majority of the population (i.e. the heterosexual section) can be so narrow-minded in their opinions about how and if (really?!!) homosexual people should express their sexuality.

Sexuality is an innate part of every being. Fact.

In Western society the usual model for containing sexual expression has been (for centuries) with the bounds of marriage. This has been (for centuries) denied to people with different sexualities to the majority. Fact.

This same heterosexual majority that flaunt (yes, really) their sexuality at every opportunity continues to deny this inalienable right to homosexuals, transsexuals and other. This is wrong. Fact.

While heterosexuals look and touch each other without censure those of other sexualities are taught that they must hide their sexuality at all costs. Then ... when they do, the heterosexual majority wonder about it and imbue the homosexuals and others with an identity of a primarily rampant sexual being - just because they don’t know what is being expressed in private and because they are judging by their own behaviours. At the same time the heterosexuals state forcibly that those with other sexualities should remain celibate while they themselves are sexually expressive at all times. This is wrong and is inequality of humanity. Fact.

In the past centuries it was popular to stay celibate until marriage (for heterosexuals) even though marriage was generally denied to homosexuals and others the majority still dictated that celibacy was the only way, yet they abandoned it without a second thought, or so it seemed.

So the idea was that homosexuals stayed celibate until ... well, for ever I guess since equality of marriage is not generally accepted.

This is beyond ridiculous.

This is sexuality apartheid.

This makes me mad. Fact.

I am an equalist and I believe that homosexuals and others should be allowed the freedom to express their sexuality in the same way as heterosexuals do every day, and without blinking and wondering if they will be sanctioned for showing love. Fact.

Sexual identities, like other identities have a right to be freely expressed. Anything else is sanctioned mental abuse. Fact.

From this speakers’ corner known as my blog that is my current thinking on the psychology of sexuality.  

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LaTierra Shauntel Piphus said...

Agents For Liberation
Literary Analysis:
“Sexual Orientation VS. Sexuality”

Sexual Orientation is defined and categorized by WHO you love, date, sleep with, are attracted to, etc. The sex &/or gender of that individual is how your sexual orientation is labeled in society. So if you are a homosexual female/Lesbian then that is your sexual orientation. If you are a heterosexual female then heterosexual or straight is your sexual orientation.

Sexual Orientation is different from your Sexuality.

Your sexuality is based on HOW & WHAT you enjoy/desire intimately/sexually. For example, if your into S&M(Sadomasochism) then that is apart of your sexuality. Those interests and behaviors are what make up your own personal sexuality. Things that get you aroused are parts of your sexuality. Even a fetish is something that contributes to your sexuality. Your sexuality is broad and complex; it needs to be nourished, it needs to mature, it should evolve as you evolve and mature. That being said, your Sexuality doesn't necessarily determine your Sexual Orientation. There are some people who don't enjoy the kind of sex they are expected to like and there are some people who do not enjoy any kind of sex at all(these are Asexual people) and there are people who can't seem to live without sex. There are some women who do not enjoy penetration. Just because they are women and have vaginas it is assumed and expected that they participate in this kind of sex. This does not make them straight, bi, gay, lesbian, etc. This is simply apart of their own personal sexual preferences which makes up their sexuality. There are women who thoroughly enjoy penetration and this is a part of their sexuality, but does not determine their Sexual Orientation. This does not make them straight, gay, bi, lesbian. It simply makes her a woman who is aware of her sexuality and what she does and does not enjoy.

This post is to explain the difference between Sexuality and Sexual Orientation. Now that you understand this, you can use the appropriate terms when speaking about your life and experiences.
Feel free to ask questions or if you need further elaboration, don't hesitate to inquire.

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